Bailey’s Story


Bailey left quite an impression with those she encountered.  Her spirit engaged us to improve.  She exonerated innocence and fun, a very childlike essence. Her passion in life was art.  An avid artist, she created nature and fantasy expressions.Pics II Page 001


Her heart was in the right place… she sought improvement of the human condition. It was her mission to aid those in need of life’s basic necessities.  An advocate for equality, just conditions, societal advancement, and love, she challenged us to reflect on true values. Bailey embodied kindness, gPics II Page 003enerosity, and humanitarianism, giving of herself through acts of selflessness and encouragement.


Bailey and I were in the process of designing and establishing a website to display her creations and offer customized visual manifestations when her life concluded unexpectedly. To honor her memory and continue her focus, I and her loved ones have established BeARTiful (the name which she selected for her website) a non-profit organization to serve the needs of the Homeless, Hungry, and continued educational advancement to young Art enthusiasts.Pics II Page 002


All proceeds/profits go directly to serving our community.  We incorporate volunteers, family, and friends to fulfill our labor operations which allows your funds from purchases and tax deductible donations to benefit our purpose.