We are Grateful for all your Efforts!


Lisa Engen (Bailey’s Stepsister) –  for completing & filing all the Federal and State required documents for establishing BeARTiful as a non-profit organization.

Tom Spencer (Bailey’s Cousin by marriage) – IT support.

Tammy Ristow (Bailey’s Mom…otherwise know as “Mommy” to Bailey) – Website visionary, creation, design & management. Purchasing, sorting, packaging, distribution, & fundraising.

Kristin Ernisse (Bailey’s Coworker & Friend) – Sorting & packaging.

Africa Banks (Bailey’s 2nd Cousin) – Distribution & Art Application draft design.

Anita Bell (Bailey’s Great Aunt) – Distribution.

Narsja Bank (Bailey’s 3rd Cousin) – Distribution.

Steve Ristow (Bailey’s Stepdad) – Sorting, packaging, & distribution.

Casimir Smith Sr. (Bailey’s Grandpa) – Sorting & packaging.